Rainer Alexander Weber was born in Munich in 1954. He studied painting at the Academv of Fine Arts in Kassel and in Rudol Hausner's master class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
In the course of his artistic development hecquired highly coveted awards. Weber received the silver medal and the "Prix Extraordinaire du Jury" of the Sinaide Ghi in Rome. His works have been accepted into private and public collections, for example, in the graphic collection at the Albertina in Vienna, the collection of the German Bundestag and the Archdiocese Munich-Freising.
Many embassies were furnished with his paintings in tribute to the host countries.
R. A. Weber's cycle of paintings on creation, designed expressly for display in religious settings, were exhibited between 1987 and 1989 in 13 major German churches, where they constituted the basis for meditations in religious services.

As leading German water-color painter in present-day Germany, he expands the concept of water-color painting along three determinants:
For one, new visual sensations are stimulated by works composed of several parts, thereby achieving dimensions of up to four by six meters. Also, to quote Walter Koschatzky, former director of the Albertina, Vienna, he : "Gives proof of exceptional craftsmanship in mastering the most spontaneous of the artistic media".
Morover, as a "landscape artist". Weber fixates on paper the immediacy of artistic expression by making visible the very process of painting. The viewer thus becomes aware of the artist's emotional energy and suspense and how these reflect the dynamic emotional undercurrent of our times Last but not least, Weber, like many painters, has remained true to himself, irrespective of all manifestations of zeitgeist.
His work is both unique and distinctive. It is the outcome of an artistic process extending over more than 25 years, watercoloring constituting " both the beginning and culmination of all painting", as put by
Bodo Jagdsteiner.
Though the technical elements may be quite basic, requiring merely white paper and pigments dissolved in water, such purism exercised in the application of color is, for Weber, a spritual principle, it depicts suspense regarding the whole as well as contemplative withdrawal.
In their joint exhibitions, Jagna and Rainer Weber emphasize their commitment to the sustainability of living conditions
for all species.
Rainer Weber